AQ Shamrock Week 2022

Let’s Celebrate AQ! 120 Years in the Making!

What is Shamrock Week? Simply stated, it’s another opportunity for our AQ family to engage with Aquinas. From March 14 – 18, we want to:

Connect with more members of our Aquinas family including alumni, parents (past and present), students, family, and friends. This year, we hope to Connect with a total of 1,127 members on

Engage with YOU! Be sure to participate in our Where in the building is St. Thomas Aquinas? game, read our Shamrock Week emails for details on special guests and giveaways, and tune into our YouTube broadcasts. This year, we hope to Engage with 120 first-time donors.

Garner Support from our Aquinas family by reaching a total of 1,402 donors for our fiscal year total in honor of Senate Bill 1402, which passed on March 16, 1922, legally recognizing The Aquinas Institute of Rochester as a school.

Please contact Lisa Martone ’97, Aquinas Fund Coordinator for more information at or 585-254-2020 x1023.

Daily Themes:


Let's Celebrate AQ!


AQ Athletics In Honor of Mr. Nuch


Scholarship Day


Luck of the Irish - 100 Days Mass


Thank You!

Check back during AQ Shamrock Week for Daily Giveaways and Challenges , Special Guests, and more. Be sure to update your contact information.

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